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Nov 12th, 2013

    In order to continue to enhance the supervision of JP final year projects, obtain timely feedback about teaching information and support and form the foundation to improve the quality of the educational service, BUPT International School held the Chinese supervisors’ seminar for 2013-14 JP final year projects in the afternoon of November 12, 2013. The Dean of the International School, Professor Yuxiao Li, final year project coordinator Dr. Vindya Wijeratne and representatives of the Chinese supervisors attended. The seminar was hosted by XiaoMeng Li.

    At the beginning of the seminar, Professor Yuxiao Li sincerely welcomed and thanked all of the 122 Chinese supervisors, from the different schools, who would be responsible for instructing the upcoming final year projects, and wished for a successful outcome being achieved by the supervisors’ hard work.

    Dr. Vindya Wijeratne then conveyed greetings and thanks from JP co-director Dr. Yue Chen, introduced the workflow of the JP final year project management and illustrated QMplus which is the academic management system of Queen Mary, University of London.

    After that, BUPT final year project leader Huiling Shen explained the time slots for the projects’ management in detail. The seminar mainly focused on discussing the implementation details for the newly added pre-viva session in 2014. Finally, the final year project handbooks for supervisors were distributed.

    Through this seminar, supervisors explored how to operate the JP final year projects related activities in order to provide better services for students and supervisors in a more effective and scientific way. It is believed that the seminar can provide a solid foundation for follow-up continuing innovation.