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Dec 17th, 2013


    On the morning of 17th December 2013, Jianyong Qiao, the Principal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), and Xiaomin Ren, Deputy Principal, met with Simon Gaskell, the Principal of Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and Yue Chen, the co-director of the joint programme between two universities.

    Jianyong Qiao first enthusiastically welcomed Prof Simon Gaskell and his colleagues. Then he affirmed the achievements obtained from the cooperation between QMUL and BUPT and stated his hope that the close cooperation can continue. He believed that the quality of education can continue to be enhanced. Specifically, the cooperation is able to be developed deeply by taking advantage of the positive policies of both the UK and China. Communication between two universities will be more often in terms of research and teaching.
    In return, Prof Gaskell thanked Jianyong Qiao and Xiaomin Ren, andthen emphasized that BUPT is one of the most important partners in QMULs international strategy. The joint programme is highly approved by Prof Gaskell in terms of educational outcomes and quality of personnel training. He stated his belief that the joint programme can fully integrate the two universities’ high quality resources, which is a model of cooperative education modes between the UK and China. Prof Gaskell claimed that QMUL and BUPT will cooperate further in multiple-levels and multiple-fields in the future.
    Finally, the principals of both universities discussed the next steps concerning developments of long-term mechanisms of cooperation and also potential activities for the tenth anniversary of the joint programme in 2014.