News >>Joint Programme attends 2013 BUPT School Opening Day

Apr 20th, 2013

    On 20 April, BUPT held the 2013 school opening day. JP Co-coordinator Dr Yue Chen, Dean of China Operations Prof. Laurie Cuthbert and international school staff attended the event.

    At 10am, Prof Yuxiao Li, Dr Yue Chen, Prof Laurie Cuthbert attended the BUPT Enrolment meeting. Prof Yuxiao Li introduced basic information of JP, including JP curriculum, characteristics, development prospects and employment situation. The JP staff also answered questions and enquiries from the families of prospective students.

    This event is highly valued by BUPT and QMUL. Also, this event grabs the attention of prospective students and parents. Through this event, students and parents become more aware of the JP.