News >> Outcome of the IET accreditation of the QM/BUPT Joint Programmes

May 20th, 2014


    We are delighted to announce that the JP IET accreditation has been very successful. The IET panel will make the following recommendations to the IET’s Academic Accreditation Committee:

    The Telecom and e-Commerce programmes will be awarded 5 years accreditation (the maximum allowed) from the 2014 intake to the 2018 intake. For the IoT programme, the final year examinations and projects will be reviewed when the first cohort graduate in 2015 and if the review is satisfactory then accreditation will  be awarded also up to 2018 intake and back-dated for the 2011 intake so that no students are disadvantaged.

    There were many commendations, including the leadership of the Director and Co-Director, the quality of the students and a cohesive team of staff from both institutions with an effective working relationship.

     There were a minimum of recommendations for action.

    The new QM Vice Principal (International) Prof David Sadler joined the IET feedback sessionand reported that he is very impressed with the results and the achievements of JP.

    The formal report will be sent to us in a few weeks, but for now we can glory in this wonderful result and it is a testament to the hard work by all the JP staff and others involved.

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