News >> BUPT held the Transnational Education Forum

June 25th, 2014


    Around 2004, the Chinese Ministry of Education started to introduce overseas education resources to domestic higher education and to promote sino-foreign cooperation in running schools. Many domestic colleges and universities have produced positive results during these 10 years in the field of transnational education. Since 2004, the success achieved by cooperation between Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) and Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) has been recognized from various aspects.


    At present, transnational education as an effective way to Chinese higher education internationalization development and inner requirements has become a consensus. Transnational education in our country has entered into a new high level stage of development through long-term exploration and adjustment. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of “the Joint Program between BUPT and QMUL”, BUPT held a two day transnational education forum June 25 and 26, attracting the participation of many domestic colleges and universities, experts and scholars. The forum topics are “Quality Construction: Mechanism Assurance and Management Innovation” and “Resource Intergration: Programme Development and Research Innovation”, discussing the current situation and the trend in the sino-foreign cooperation in running schools.


    More than 100 people participated in this form, including the international cooperation and communication department officer Ms Huawei Zong, Liqun Yu, Beijing municipal education commission of the international communication Fangfang Pang, British counsellor Susan Milner, China education international exchange association deputy secretary Mr Wa Zong, The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Ian Mr Mercer, the president of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Professor Qiao Jianyong, the President of Queen Mary University of London, Professor Simon Gaskell and professors and scholars from Beijing Normal University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing Jiaotong University, Central University of Finance and Economics, China Agricultural University, Beijing University of Technology and representatives of the leadership of transnational education in Beijing, and experts from Polytechnic University of Valencia, the University of Glasgow, representatives of enterprises and the teachers and students of BUPT.


    On June 26, at 9am to the beautiful choir singing of international school students, the " Quality Construction: Mechanism Assurance and Management Innovation " forum was held, followed by a documentary reviewing the ten years of hardships and innovation achievements of the sino-foreign cooperation, bringing the attendees up-to-date with the situation. The forum was chaired by Wang Hongyuan, Secretary of the International School of BUPT.


    The President of BUPT, Professor Qiao Jianyong, addressed a keynote speech titled with "The Quality of Teaching is the Lifeline of Transnational Education ". Principal Qiao pointed out that the success of the joint program between BUPT and QMUL" is based on the original goal of the joint program, which aims at fostering talent. He is convinced that joint program will continue to achieve better in the future.


    The President of QMUL, Professor Simon Gaskell, addressed a keynote speech reviewing the success of the joint program, pointing out that quality assurance was based on the high education level of the two schools and was recognized by institutions from both countries.


    The international cooperation and communion department officer Ms Huawei Zong, also addressed a keynote speech entitled “Quality Assurance Across Countries”, analyzing the education across countries, quality assurance and current policy and laws in transnational education. British counsellor Susan Milner, China education international exchange association deputy secretary Mr Wa Zong, and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Ian Mr Mercer addressed speeches respectively and received applause from attendees, followed by the discussion of representative of universities and corporations.  


    Held on June 25, at the forum " Resource Intergration: Programme Development and Research Innovation ", more than 60 leaders and scholars including vice President of BUPT, professor Guo Jun, deputy head of the QMUL, Jeremy Kilburn, office director at BUPT professor Hongxiang Sun, dean of the school of electrical engineering, QMUL, professor Mark Sandler, Dr. Felipe Penaranda from university of valencia in Spain and Dr. Carlos Franko attended seminars.


    The success of this forum has demonstrated the summaries of the ten years cooperation of BUPT, realizing the education internationalization outstanding achievements. At the same time BUPT has also established a common consensus about the quality construction that transnational education needs. Leadership of the relevant state departments have put forward the improvement of the legal framework and policy system and constantly increases guidance, management and supervision for sino-foreign cooperation in running schools, in order to create a more orderly, healthy, and broad space for development for China's sino-foreign cooperation.


    "The joint program between BUPT and QMUL" has received a high recognition from the authority of both Chinese and English education institutions since its inception in 2004, with strict quality management of teaching and the fusion of Chinese and British high quality educational resources. Under the support and guidance from society, BUPT will further explore the practice, to cultivate international high quality talents, to promote Chinese and British cooperation, to make contributions in the field of education.


    The 2014 joint program graduation ceremony was then held on the June 26 afternoon.