News >> The 2014 Graduation Ceremony of the QMUL-BUPT Joint Programme (JP)

June 26th, 2014



    On the afternoon of June 26th, the BUPT science hall enjoyed a happy atmosphere. The occasion was the 2014 graduation ceremony of the JP on this the ten year anniversary of the Queen Mary University of London’s (QMUL) partnership with the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT).  The ceremony was attended by BUPT President Professor Qiao Jianyong, BUPT Academic Committee Chairman Professor Zhang Yinghai, QMUL President and Principal Professor Simon Gaskell, Vice President and Principal Professor Jeremy Kilburn, Head of EECS School Professor Mark Sandler, Co-director of the Jp Dr Yue Chen, the British Embassy Cultural Counselor Ms Susan Milner, IET International Operations Director Mr Ian Mercer and representatives of teachers and management department from both universities. The 2014 graduates with their parents brought the total attendance to more than 800 people.

    The graduation ceremony was conducted by Professor Li Yuxiao, the Dean of International School in BUPT.At 2pm in the afternoon, the leadership of both universities, distinguished guests and teachers’ representatives entered the hall to a background of music. Professor Qiao Jianyong first made an enthusiastic speech and congratulated all the graduates and confirmed their outstanding diligent behavior. Before the farewell, Principal Qiao Jianyong wished the graduates the continued pursuit of excellence and encouraged them to continue tp be responsible people. Principal Qiao also congratulated the JP on its 10th anniversary and expressed his expectations of the continued success of the partnership.

    Principal Simon Gaskell then made a speech representing QMUL. He gave a high evaluation of the graduates’ excellent outcomes and expressed his best wishes for the future of the International School.

    The graduation ceremony climaxed with the conferring of degrees to the students. Graduates accepted the degrees one by one. They shook hands and took photos with Principal Qiao Jianyong, Principal Simon Gaskell, Dean Li Yuxiao and the Co-director of JP Dr Yue Chen.

    That was followed by the award to outstanding graduates of QMUL Academic Scholarships and IET Prize.

    The valedictory speech was then given by graduate Zhang Qianyun. On behalf of all the students, she expressed her love of her mother school and her gratitude to all the teachers, commenting on her attachment to the four-year life in the International School and expressed confident expectations about the future.

    The graduation ceremony ended to continuous applause by graduates and their parents.

    On the occasion of the ten year anniversary of the BUPT and QMUL partnership, BUPT held a transnational education forum for two days. Education experts and scholars from both countries and representatives from education institutions were invited. “Quality Construction: Mechanism Assurance and Management Innovation” and “Resource Intergration: Programme Development and Research Innovation” were discussed.

    The Forum and Graduation ceremony demonstrated the outstanding outcomes of BUPT in the field of transnational education during the past ten years.