News Visit and Guest Talks from Dr Nick Bryan-Kinns and Mr Tim Morgan

Dec 17th, 2015


    Dr Nick Bryan-Kinns and Mr Tim Morgan visited BUPT (Hongfu campus) between December 14 and 17 to give talks to Year 2 and Year 3 students on the multimedia stream of the Joint Programme. They engaged in fruitful discussions with students about their work. They also participated in the evaluation of students’ productions for the “Interactive Media Design and Production” module, during a student-led poster conference. The students’ productions were evaluated against the following criteria: level of interactivity, quality of the animations, usability, educational value, look and feel, and originality. Reward certificates were given to groups of students who demonstrated the best work in each of these categories.



    Dr Bryan-Kinns is Reader in Interaction Design and Deputy Dean at Queen Mary, University of London, and Visiting Professor of Interaction Design, Hunan University, China. He has published award winning international papers on mutual engagement, cross-modal interaction, and tangible interfaces. He is a Fellow of the British Computer Society, and in 1998 received his PhD in HCI.

    Mr. Tim Morgan has a mixture of design skills from his time as a Designer as well as technical skills from working as an Interactive Developer. He organised and managed the 2012 e-Ambassador conference which brought together a mixture of students and tutors from eight institutions and has presented at numerous e-Learning events, including the JISC e-Factor event (2012) and the M25 e-Learning Group (2012). Within the ‘Students as Producers’ project, he is working with academic departments and students at Queen Mary, looking at the ways in which students can contribute to their own learning and to that of their peers.