News >> Bindu Chib Award Announcement

Jan 15th, 2016


    JP lecturer, Bindu Chib has won the QM Science and Engineering Faculty Student Experience and Education Award this year for her contribution towards the JP on teaching innovation and leadership in PDP.


    Since joining QM in 2008, Bindu has made a great contribution towards the QMUL-BUPT Joint Programme (JP). Specifically in 2015, Bindu has led two initiatives to enhance the student learning experience. She proposed the ‘Just in Time Teaching’ (JiTT) for JP law modules, which has been implemented in 2015/16. JiTT is used to increase the quality of the interaction with students in the contact hours available, by increasing time spent on discussion, application and analysis of the law, rather than merely explaining the rules. The other initiative is the redesign of the Personal Development Programme (PDP) for the JP which she has led, working closely together with staff in CAPD, with smaller groups of interactive sessions, to foster student engagement through intimacy. This scheme has been welcomed by students and greatly enhanced their learning experience.