News >> Internet of Things degree in China joins programmes endorsed by top professional engineering body

May 06th, 2016

We are delighted to announce that, following the success of the IET accreditation of the BUPT Joint Programme in May 2014, where both Telecoms Engineering and e-Commerce Engineering programmes received the maximum five-year accreditation, the Internet of Things (IoT) Engineering programme first output review has now been completed and has also received the maximum, five-year accreditation. The accreditation means that the course curricula for all three streams, which are jointly taught by staff from QMUL and BUPT, meet the highest standards for technical knowledge, underpinning science and mathematics and an awareness of the business and commercial contexts of engineering.

Originally established in 2004, the Joint Programme is designed to develop the most talented students from China, in this field. More than 600 students graduate each year from the Joint Programme and over 80 per cent of the graduates go on to postgraduate education outside China, including prestigious universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford and Carnegie Mellon.

The IoT Engineering programme is the first transnational programme of its kind, and was developed as a response to the increasing research and commercial interest for autonomous and intelligent applications that are based on the principles of the IoT. This comprehensive programme covers the four-layer structure which is needed for building complete IoT applications, such as smart grid, smart city, smart home, industrial automation, telemetry, etc. The programme focuses on computer science’s foundation and support, combined with other disciplines, such as microelectronics, communication networks and economics management. It emphasises the necessary fundamental and practical knowledge for creating, designing, implementing, maintaining, and managing IoT systems, whilst keeping pace with the information industry’s development in terms of course construction.

IET Accreditation is an internationally respected benchmark awarded to high quality programmes that provide an ideal preparation for aspiring professional engineers, in this case Chartered Engineers. The accreditation will be backdated following the graduation of the first cohort of students last summer.

Congratulations to all of those involved in the teaching and administration of the BUPT Joint Programme, both in London and Beijing, and particularly those working on the IoT programme stream.